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Inspiring Excellence in
People and Business

Welcome to Hyer Wellness

At Hyer Wellness, our mission is to support our clients in discovering and living their highest potential.

Whether you need some extra support and guidance, want to make some changes and don’t know where to start, or are ready to finally go after your dreams, we are here to help! We are trained and experienced professionals with a passion for people and problem solving and would love to assist you in creating and living your best life.
Along with individual counseling, we are particularly well suited to help organizations meet the demands of their industries, grow profitability, and exceed service levels by creating and nurturing a culture that inspires excellence. From our experience, work cultures that nurture, empower, and invest in their employees, see the greatest long-term financial performance. Let us help you create a culture where employees feel valued, heard, and a part of the mission!

What is Hyer Wellness?

Hyer Wellness refers to your ideal state of excellence – however you define that. Think about your life, your dreams, your habits, your relationships, your work and everything you want to accomplish. This is your Hyer Wellness and we are here to help you achieve it.
Everyone has the potential to live a fulfilled and successful life, but not everyone does. Discovering and cultivating your potential can prove to be challenging, and sometimes feel impossible, but we are here to help! We know that when you are supported, feel empowered, and learn how to honor your inner and most authentic self, you gain a tremendous amount of power. Once you find this power from within, your perspective shifts, and you can begin to accomplish and realize your dreams, at the highest level.

How We Started

I founded Hyer Wellness in 2021, because I am passionate about people and love supporting them in building the lives they desire. I have helped countless individuals and prominent organizations on their journey to maximizing their full potential. I use a person-centered approach to honor the uniqueness of who I am working with and hold space in a way that allows my clients to feel empowered, heard, and capable. Whether you are struggling with day to day stress, low self-esteem, feeling stuck, experiencing the lingering effects of trauma, or just want to feel happier, I can help!


Evyn is an amazing, positive leader who not only leads with professionalism and wisdom but also with compassion. Her years of experience in business and leadership makes her extremely successful in her endeavors. One of Evyn’s greatest strengths is her natural ability to connect with people so genuinely and build positive relationships.
Jen C.
I had the opportunity to work with Evyn for many years and have learned so much about being a leader and how to run a business. She is a strong leader and has a way of uniting and motivating teams to achieve incredible and extraordinary outcomes. Her kind and attentive presence inspires excellence in her employees and makes people feel like their opinions and contributions matter. She listens to and prioritizes her people and has a unique way of running a company that is both good for people and profit!
Amber P.
Evyn has the most positive attitude of anyone I have ever worked with. Her infectious outlook makes her a sought-after resource by employees facing complex tasks and deadlines. She truly fosters creativity and the belief that anything can be achieved. Her knowledge of the healthcare industry has been invaluable to my development at ProHealth and I know many others feel the same. If you have the opportunity to work with Evyn please take advantage. You will not be disappointed!
Tyler W.
When coaching with Evyn she holds space in a way that is gentle and also direct which allows me to get to the root of what’s currently blocking me. I was fearful to make a career change from corporate employee to entreprenerur and she helped me gain clarity, trust myself, and take the leap.
Diana D.

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