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I founded Hyer Wellness after more than a decade of working in the corporate healthcare sector, where I managed several multi-million-dollar companies. I always put my employees first and realized that this was the best way to maximize profits and company success. I retired from the corporate sector and am delighted to be able to bring my people and leadership skills to help you! I have intentionally designed my life in a fulfilling and purposeful way, where I maximize joy, happiness, and love by maintaining gratitude and honoring my authentic self. I also have a passion for leadership development, employee engagement, and organization culture with a proven track record of improving financial performance and employee satisfaction for the companies I have worked with.


I graduated from Rollins College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts and majored in Anthropology. I then obtained my Master’s in Business Administration in 2010 with a focus on leadership from Crummer Graduate School of Business. In 2015, I became a certified health coach through Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Program and in 2022 completed additional wellness coach training through the Mayo Clinic. I am also a Master Certified Professional Life Coach and have provided coaching and leadership development training for the past decade to individuals and organizations. After working as an executive in the healthcare field for the last twelve years, I felt it was time to transition, focus on my passion, and dedicate my time to helping others. Most recently, I graduated with my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wake Forest University and have become a Nationally Certified Counselor.

I lead by example and rely on transparency, authenticity, a drive for excellence, and love to create extraordinary results for my clients. My core values are excellence, integrity, and love and I cannot wait to work with you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of! I can show you how to find and honor your most authentic self to maximize your potential and satisfaction from life. I can’t wait to work with you!

Our Space

Come meet with us in a cozy and comfortable environment! Our office is located in a historic house in downtown Orlando. It provides a comfortable and uplifting environment that will help you relax and better facilitate the healing and growth process. We also see clients virtually in the comfort of their own home and space.


Saying Evyn is a powerhouse is an understatement ! She Understands leadership and people in a way that most don’t get. I have had the pleasure to not only have her as a leader but also to become a leader under her in the corporate Healthcare sector. I have seen her transform teams, companies, and lives by her leadership style. She is the definition of putting people over profit and I have watched and been a part of the impact that type of leadership can bring. Evyn specializes in taking companies that are broken and helping them not only turn around but help them thrive. Being under Evyn's leadership not only helped me in my career development but also in my personal development. She helps you to see and maximize your strengths and helps you to see things from a different perspective. I am so very thankful for her leadership, her mentorship, and her friendship!! Jessica C.
Jessica C.
I was in a very low period of my life. New job, divorced, and alone after 32 years of marriage. Evyn was an amazing boss, her leadership and guidance along with her continued counseling and positive feedback. She changed my life. I am now a strong confident woman who loves myself for who I am and what I’m capable of accomplishing by reaching for the stars. What an incredible woman, I was truly blessed when she came into my life. May she continue to touch lives and spread her fabulous vibes to all in need.
Susan P.
Evyn has the most positive attitude of anyone I have ever worked with. Her infectious outlook makes her a sought-after resource by employees facing complex tasks and deadlines. She truly fosters creativity and the belief that anything can be achieved. Her knowledge of the healthcare industry has been invaluable to my development at ProHealth and I know many others feel the same. If you have the opportunity to work with Evyn please take advantage. You will not be disappointed!
Tyler W.
When coaching with Evyn she holds space in a way that is gentle and also direct which allows me to get to the root of what’s currently blocking me. I was fearful to make a career change from corporate employee to entreprenerur and she helped me gain clarity, trust myself, and take the leap.
Diana D.

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